Here’s What Harry Styles Says He Misses Most About His One Direction Days

Emily Gadsby
Harry Styles One Direction
(Photo: @harrystyles / Instagram)

The collective sobs of fangirls around the world hang heavy in the air when One Direction, the mega-popular boyband sensation announced their hiatus in early 2016. 

Harry Styles, with his perfectly styled curls and slow-blinking smile quickly emerged as the fan favorite-the je ne sais quoi of his stage presence securing the star a solid, lifelong following. It was this dedicated group of former 1D fangirls that made Styles’ first solo track “Sign of The Times” debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Twitter Top Tracks Charts. Despite the fact that his soft rock, stripped-down new music was a far cry from the band’s polished and sugary pop hits, Styles’ eponymous debut album proved to be a commercial and critical success.

While enjoying life on the road during his worldwide Harry Styles: Live On Tour promotion, the “Sweet Creature” singer sat down with CBS News to discuss his past, present, and future. Regarding his 1D days, when asked to give an example “of a day that you still think about, a day with the band, a day that was fun,” Styles replied with a quip about skipping the drudgery of school bells and homework. “I mean, first of all, it’s fun because you’re not in school,” he said. “You’re already winning!”

Further exploring Styles’ boyband past, the interviewer frankly asked the star if he “liked the music” he was playing, a not-so-subtle nod to other bandmates who have blasted the group’s PG-13, bubblegum dance-pop vibe. 

With nothing but love for his path to superstardom, and hope for the rock-solid start to his solo career, Styles revealed that he’s still learning and doesn’t have it all “figured out” yet. 

Watch the full interview below to find out more about the “Kiwi” singer’s solo debut and his whirlwind journey from competing on The X-Factor to selling out stadium shows.