Jake Paul Booted Ex Alissa Violet Out Of The Team 10 House For Sleeping With… His Brother?

Emily Gadsby
Alissa Violet Jake Paul
(Photo: @alissaviolet / Twitter)

Whether the fights are captured on their ever-present hand-cams or not, drama loves the Paul brothers. 

After an intense, two-week public diss toss back and forth, famous YouTuber Logan gifted his younger brother Jake with the silver bullet of content wars: a music video featuring JP’s ex, Alissa Violet. It’s titled “The Fall Of Jake Paul: #TheSecondVerse.” In the visual for the scathing diss track, Logan delivers lyrical blow after blow while Violet is perched suggestively on his luxury car before gifting the leader of the #Logang with a steamy kiss. 

Unsurprisingly, Jake was less than pleased with his older brother using his ex as an unbeatable weapon in their monetized scuffle, and posted an infamous reaction video in which actual tears were shed. 

“It’s f—ed up to take the girl that I loved and do that,” JP said, his voice thick with emotion. “Sometimes things just cross a line. It’s so demeaning. When you bring in someone who I loved who cheated on me into the equation, it’s not cool.” 

While it seemed that all was well after the two former Vine all-stars bro-hugged and made up, Jake Paul revealed he wasn’t done taking swings at his ex. The “It’s Everyday Bro” rapper recently tweeted this reply to a fan asking about the extent of Violet’s relationship with his brother: 

“Yeah, and this time I’m not being silent. Alissa f—ed my brother,” he said. “That’s why I kicked her out. Oopsie, I just told them the truth. I’m done being the bad guy.”

While Paul has since deleted the tweet (of course), the social media star has yet to full learn the golden rule of social media rants: screenshots are forever. 

Despite the fact that JP’s older brother has yet to issue a public response, Violet took to Twitter to express her surprise over the allegations. 

Whether or not the accusations are grounded in fact, one thing is certain- #Jalissa has been officially tossed into the unsubscribed black hole of YouTuber romances.