Jake Paul Is At War With The Greatest Vine Star EVER And I Seriously Can’t Handle Any More Crap From This Human Snot Bubble

Emily Gadsby
Jake Paul is at war with a certified Vine star
(Photo: @jakepaul / Instagram / YouTube)

Just when I thought that Jake Paul couldn’t be any more of a buffoonish, unfunny, fame-hungry human jockstrap, he surprised me once more by climbing even higher on the D-bag meter. The controversial leader of the Team 10 rat pack of California-based vloggers is in hot water once again for clapping back at the WRONG former Vine star on Twitter. 

Jake Paul is at war with a certified Vine star

Proving that he really is a content thief who is also no longer able to churn out his own lowbrow vlogs, Paul took to Twitter to upload his own re-creation of the iconic “who is she?” Vine gifted to the public by internet darling Chloe Woodward.

Woodward, behaving like any well-adjusted person continually disgusted by Paul’s behavior, quickly let the “It’s Everyday Bro” star know that she was NOT here for the homage.

“Hey Jake! That’s my vine!” she tweeted, seemingly unable to stomach sharing a tweet with the online entertainer. “I would say ‘in the future, tag me!’ but there is no future, stop using my content, and do not associate with me in any way thanks :)”

True to form, Paul then fired back in a predictable display of immaturity. 

Ugh. Seriously, what will it take to make Jake Paul slip into obscurity and trade the Hollywood Hills for the flat farmland of Ohio? Is there some petition that we can start to get all the brainwashed #JakePaulers deprogrammed, no longer able to “dab on their haters”? Is there a way to both silence the man himself AND the movement he created?

While it’s true that Paul is now a famous YouTuber, everyone knows of his humble beginnings on Vine. Once a Viner, always a Viner … and there’s NO WAY that the internet should let Paul steamroll over one of viral culture’s most treasured stars. In addition to halting his own content, the “Litmas” rapper seriously needs to think twice before coming for top-billed acts from the platform that made him a celebrity in the first place.