Jake Paul Teases Collab With Gucci Mane And Twitter Is NOT Here For It

Emily Gadsby
Jake Paul
(Photo: Jake Paul)

With his lopsided grin, mop of messy blonde hair, and frat-boy attitude, famous YouTuber Jake Paul has proven himself as a controversial, divisive teen icon in the entertainment industry. 

Catapulting to fame with the now-defunct Vine app, Paul switched platforms and focused on producing YouTube content for his 10.8 million subscribers, or Jake Paul-ers, as they prefer to be called. His transformation into a certified viral star landed him lucrative endorsement deals and bankrolled his move to LA where he landed a short-lived stint on Disney’s “Bizzardvark.”

Paul’s time spent in front of a non-handheld camera met a fiery end (literally) when the social media star’s raucous behavior led to his Beverly Grove neighbors banding together to discuss the potential for a class-action public nuisance lawsuit.

Paul, now dipping his Twitter-fingers into the rap game has teamed up with none other than “Bucket List” rapper Gucci Mane for an upcoming collab. 

In a video released teasing the upcoming track, Mane awkwardly shouts out to the Jake Paulers undoubtedly refreshing their tabs looking for new content, and heads off critics with: “This song right here is a hit. Listen, if y’all sleepin’ on Jake Paul, y’all finna know.”

Twitter was not here for the collab, seeing a prolific rapper like Gucci “slumming” it in the studio with social media villain Jake Paul as a knock to his talent.

Whatever the end result, there’s small consolation in knowing that it can’t be worse than “It’s Everyday Bro.” 


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