Jake Paul Is Getting DRAGGED On Twitter Over His Use Of An Explicit Clickbait Thumbnail

Emily Gadsby
Jake Paul uploaded explicit clickbait images
(Photo: @jakepaul / Instagram)

It seems like the Paul  brothers can’t stop making headlines…for all of the wrong reasons. In a far departure from his usual prank-heavy content, Jake Paul uploaded explicit clickbait images so as to gain more video views. 

With their bleach-blonde hair, impish smiles and frustrating propensity to brush even the most hateful of acts off as “just jokes,” the viral stars are no stranger to controversy circling around their questionable content. While their critics have up to this point been silenced by the force of their fan armies (known as #JakePaulers and the #Logang,) it seems that their social media immunity is finally starting to fade. 

Just one day after his older brother Logan posted a groveling, emotional apology video for his callous treatment of a suicide victim, Jake Paul landed in hot water over his choice of NSFW thumbnail for his latest vlog. 

In what was clearly a desperate grab for views, Paul uploaded a video with the title “I Lost My Virginity,” along with a thumbnail depicting the viral star straddled by a woman (most likely Erika Costell, one-half of #Jerika) clad in only her underwear . The content of the video itself has absolutely nothing to do with the thumbnail and features Paul and his friends enjoying a ski trip at Big Bear Lake in California. To make matters worse, Paul even flippantly remarked on the video’s title providing some “good clickbait” for his channel.

Fed up with the Paul brothers’ antics, angry viewers took to Twitter to vent their frustration at the blatant violation of the channel’s “family friendly” tag. 

“jake paul is absolutely disgusting he has YOUNG viewers and fans who are easily influenced by him and how tf was this even passed on youtube?,” wrote one critic, noting that Paul’s fanbase is primarily comprised of pre-teen/tween girls. 

Jake Paul has yet to comment on the backlash surrounding the choice of promotional image for his latest video.

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