Trans YouTuber Jazz Jennings Pens Powerful Letter To Her 5-Year-Old Self: “Continue To Move Forward “

Emily Gadsby
jazz jennings
(Photo: @jazzjennings / Instagram)

Jazz Jennings is no stranger to sharing her most intimate thoughts and struggles with her worldwide audience.

A popular YouTube personality, spokesperson, author, docuseries/reality television star and activist, the transgender teen is an indomitable force for LGBTQ rights and representation. One of Times Magazine’s “25 Most Influential Teens of 2014,” Youth Ambassador of the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD Award-winner, Jennings is well aware of her massive influence within the gender and sexual minority communities. 

As part of Logo’s “NewNowNext: Letter To Myself” series, Jazz shares an intimate letter to her 5-year-old self, detailing what she wished she had known before her transition. 

I know that so many people attempt to cloud the purity of your happiness with their tenacious hatred. I know that your eyes glisten with hope, yet they will still be denied by the intolerance of society,” the “I Am Jazz” star wrote.
“I know that your heart beats with the gratifying rhythm of freedom yet so many others prefer the trepidatious sound of fear or the unrelenting drum of cruelty. However, let that hope in your eyes and the love in your heart continuously be confident that one day everyone will be able to hear that alluring melody of freedom,” she continued.
With the unrelenting optimism that has served as the north star for Jennings’ entire tenure as a public figure, the activist inspired other transgender youth in her closing lines. “Continue to smile big and move forward in the direction of progress, for you will see change be brought upon this world—a change that you will help create.”
Hats off to this fearless teen for sharing her strength with the millions of LGBTQ youth who feel powerless against the enormity of their struggle.
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