Jeffree Star Is Getting Harassed By The #Logang For Condemning Logan Paul’s “Suicide Forest” Video

Emily Gadsby
Jeffree Star is getting attacked for calling out Logan Paul
(Photo: Logan Paul / @jeffreestar / Instagram)

Jeffree Star is getting attacked for calling out Logan Paul by the vlogger’s hyper-fanatic band of dedicated subscribers also known as the #Logang. In an unsurprising revelation, it appears that the 22-year-old’s fanbase is just as much of a bully as their much-revered leader.

Star, who is no stranger to controversy himself was quick to condemn Paul over his latest vlog set deep within Japan’s Aokigahara forest. The wooded area, commonly referred to as the “suicide forest” gained infamy as the world’s second most popular suicide location, a grim reality that Paul saw fit to exploit for his own personal gain. 

Barely containing a fit of laughter and cracking jokes as he and his crew came across the body of a suicide victim, Paul closed out 2017 by uploading the vlog containing his despicable actions and was soon faced with a massive influx of criticism. 

Star was quick to tweet his condemnation of Paul’s video just one day after its initial upload.

“Some people will do anything for views… Disgusting,” he wrote. 

The makeup artist was also not here for Paul’s half-assed apology, calling out the viral sensation for his rigid stance and unconvincing script. (The fact that Paul monetized the content aimed at making amends with the public certainly didn’t help his case either.)

“You are a really bad actor… Piece of shit,” wrote Star.

In response to his targeted remarks, the cosmetics creator became a target for Paul’s overzealous #Logang who sent numerous homophobic messages in “defense” of their favorite vlogger.

Well-acquainted with the ferocity of Twitter feuds, Star simply laughed off the hateful comments. “Never a dull moment around here,” he wrote.”  Motherf—ers need help!!!

In response to the wave of negative backlash, Paul has taken a much-needed leave of absence from vlogging.

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