Jeffree Star Claps Back at Critics on Social Media

Emily Gadsby
Jeffree Star is the king of Twitter clapbacks
(Photo: Getty Images)

Jeffree Star really doesn’t give AF whether or not you love him or hate him. As an ultra-successful YouTube personality, makeup artist, and cosmetics guru, Star now boasts more than enough clout to tell his haters EXACTLY what he thinks of their shade without hesitation. Not down for the social media passive aggression flaunted by his online entertainer peers, Star is all about direct callouts and public drag sessions. 

Recently dishing out a seemingly never-ending supply of tea to his nearly 8 million YouTube subscribers, Star reignited old feuds by stirring up drama with other top influencers and cosmetics creators that can’t seem to keep his name out of their mouths. 

“Well we just logged onto which is her personal website and you can click right now and still buy the ‘Jeffree’ lipstick,” said Star in his “Full Face of Brands That Hate Me” video, referencing the fact that tattoo artist Kat Von D once vowed to remove the social media star’s shade from her product line.

“The fact that you are the face of the brand and your name’s on the packaging and you couldn’t even get my shade taken down … can’t relate. I own my own company.”

 Hopping onto Twitter shortly after the release of his wig-snatching YouTube upload, Star proved without a doubt that he truly is the undisputed king of Twitter drag sessions. 

Jeffree Star is the king of Twitter clapbacks

“I couldn’t imagine making up lies about someone and trying to ruin their life, but still wanting to make a profit of their name 2 years later… can’t relate,” tweeted Star, unable to leave Von D’s decision to keep the “Jeffree” shade in rotation alone.

Taking his attack one step further, Star then took aim at Von D’s controversial anti-vaccination stance

Ouch. Feel free to come for Star on social media all you want, but as Von D recently discovered, the beauty influencer can and will body you.