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Pathetic Celebrity Attempts to Grow Beards

Pathetic Celebrity Attempts to Grow Beards April 19, 2018

Justin Bieber Facial Hair

    There are some guys that look positively sexy AF when they grow a beard or a mustache. But not everyone can accomplish this. That doesn’t mean some celebrities don’t try and fail miserably. So instead of getting a manly man beard, they end up with Justin Bieber facial hair. And, no, that’s not a compliment. Oh, I’m not dogging Bieber. All I’m saying is that he’s certainly lacking in the facial hair department. It’s just that some celebrities look like pre-pubescent teens with a hint of hair on their faces, even if they’re in their 40s. If you’re into bland, barely-there, patchy beards, then check out these celebrities who probably wanted to look a bit more like Henry Cavill, but Mother Nature had other plans.

    Belieber It Or Not

    Justin Bieber Facial Hair
    IMAGE BY: Getty Images

    In 2013, singer Justin Bieber grew a light stash, which didn’t really change much at all, even though he’s not 16 anymore. Jump to the 2016 Grammy Awards and the stash looked exactly the same. That patchy blob didn’t do much for him, so he eventually shaved it off. Now every celeb trying to grow their beard fears getting Justin Bieber facial hair.