Kaia Gerber Is Seriously #Twinning With Mom Cindy Crawford, And Our Brains Can’t Process This Much Beauty

Emily Gadsby
kaia gerber looks just like her mother cindy crawford
(Photo: @kaiagerber / Instagram)

There’s no denying it, Kaia Gerber looks just like her mother Cindy Crawford. The IMG-signed model proved that it’s not Maybelline and she definitely is born with it after making her 2017 runway debut with Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein Collection and walking for fashion houses like Versace and Marc Jacobs.

The 16-year-old is set to follow in her mother’s stiletto imprints and in part, owes her supermodel genes for the jump start. Thankful to have her mother’s steady hand to guide her while navigating the pitfalls of the fashion industry, the teen often gushes about their bond on social media.

happy mama's day you legend @cindycrawford

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“happy mama’s day you legend,” she wrote in a post dedicated to honoring Crawford. 

can u tell we're related ?

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“can u tell we’re related?” wrote Gerber in another candid poking fun at their uncanny resemblance.

Taking a break from sexily sippin’ on a can of Pepsi, Crawford also made a public note of their resemblance by posting a side-by-side photo to Instagram of the duo’s high school yearbook photos. 

School pics, now and then.

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While there’s a significant 35-year age gap between the two, you’d never it know it from their facial features alone. (TBH, it’s the feathered hair that gives it away.)

Speaking to E! News, Gerber revealed that there is an end to their near-perfect likeness of one another.

“My mom and I aren’t the same size,” she said. “She’s a bit taller. And we’re not the same shoe size either, which is heartbreaking. I know that we have a lot of the same mannerisms and, obviously, look a little bit alike, but yeah, I’d say we have different senses of humor and stuff like that.”

The Crawford bloodline is seriously redefining intergenerational fierceness.