Weird Facts You Never Knew About Keanu Reeves

Weird Facts You Never Knew About Keanu Reeves August 23, 2019Leave a comment

    Over the years, Keanu Reeves has earned critical acclaim for his vast movie career with roles ranging from action hero to romantic lead to comedic standout. Outside of his films, Reeves lives a pretty amazing existence with a unique heritage and interesting life experiences. Step into the world of Keanu with these weird facts you may have never known about the actor.

    What’s in a Name

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    Having Hawaiian, Chinese, and English heritage, Keanu’s name translates to “cool breeze over mountains.” When he traveled to Los Angeles to begin his acting career, casting agents found his name too foreign and hard to pronounce. Like many actors just starting out, Keanu considered changing his name. Some of those options were K.C Reeves, Chuck Spadina, or Page Templeton III.