Kehlani Stays True To Her Inspiration With Feel-Good Music Video For “Honey”

Emily Gadsby
Kehlani released the music video for her hit single Honey
(Photo: @kehlani / Instagram)

Kehlani released the music video for her hit single “Honey” and tbh, it’s everything we didn’t know we needed. The track’s visuals play out like a  carefree, sepia-toned dream with the singer winding in an out of a lush landscape filled with bees and occasionally linking up with her androgynous love interest.  The 22-year-old openly bisexual artist doesn’t mince pronouns on the track, with her soulful vocals wrapping around the opening lyrics like a sticky-sweet syrup.

“I like my girls just like I like my honey; sweet/ A little selfish/ I like my women like I like my money; green/ A little jealous,” Kehlani sings over muted acoustic guitar on the hook.

The singer took to Instagram to explain her choice behind choosing an androgynous co-star to act as her love interest in the video, a move that was both well thought-out and deliberate.

“there were particular reasons why I chose AJ for this video,” she captioned the post. “this song was inspired by an androgynous woman, and I wanted to find someone who fell in line with that, who was “hard” yet so so soft (yes, like a bee). I was asked “why not use a feminine girl?” , but I knew I wanted to honor the inspiration, and paint the picture of the sweet tender aspect that shines through every woman, no matter what. Thank you for doing this @beingspontaneous she killed her first video job everyone! HONEY. 🍯✨”

The video’s release comes just one week after Kehlani proudly championed her “Rule Breaker” title at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

Watch the full-length visual for “Honey” below: 


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