Kim Kardashian And Diana Madison’s “Glam Masters” Recap: Episode 2 Will Leave You SHOOK

Emily Gadsby
(Photo: Lifetime)

The follow-up episode to the groundbreaking premiere of Kim Kardashian and Diana Madison’s reality beauty competition brainchild certainly did not disappoint. With creative challenges, dramatic mistakes that even the industry’s best-blending sponge couldn’t fix, and last-minute, behind-the-mirror adjustments, four new trendsetting makeup artists battled it out for the chance to join Argenis in the semifinals. 

For the first “Express Your Selfie” challenge within the episode, titled “The Art of Beauty,” contestants Megs, Stephanie Valentine aka Glamzilla, Carlen, and Beau were tasked with creating a dynamic makeup look with their color palettes restricted to black and white. After Glamzilla proudly debuted her chaotic and high-impact theatrical selfie, judges Mario Dedivanovic, Kandee Johnson, Zanna Roberts Rassi, and Laverne Cox gushed over the beauty influencer’s defined artistry.

While Carlen’s yin-and-yang selfie and Beau’s minimalistic effort were not without criticism, the judges ultimately decided that Megs’ glam had not been mastered within the scope of the editorial, high-fashion angle that they were looking for.

For the second challenge, the remaining three competitors were tasked with amping up the glam by creating a fashion-forward yet wearable nighttime look inspired by eye-catching nail art.

While Glamzilla absolutely slayed her killer-assassin red-and-black look, Carlen’s failure to correctly match a foundation shade to her model’s skin tone and Beau’s lack of symmetry landed them on the chopping block once more. After thoughtful deliberation, the judges decided that Carlen’s foundation mishap was an unforgivable offense and Beau evaded elimination once more, advancing to the third and final challenge opposite Glamzilla.

Instructed to create an editorial look that exemplified the use of color popularized by the Pop Art movement of the mid-to-late 1950s, Glamzilla and Beau clashed brushes to determine who would truly capture the prosaic iconography of the style. While both artists gave their best effort, the judges determined that the Pop Art vibe was sorely missed in their final looks, ultimately choosing Glamzilla to advance to the semifinals as a result of her consistent slayage in the first two challenges.

Be sure to catch the next episodes of “Glam Masters,” airing Wednesdays on Lifetime at 10 p.m. ET, and join the millions of viewers already LIVING for the groundbreaking show. 

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