Kim Kardashian Deleted Her “25 Days Of KarJenner Christmas Cards” On Instagram And Fans Are Freaking Out

Emily Gadsby
Kim Kardashian deleted her family's Christmas cards from her Instagram
(Photo: Kim Kardashian deleted her family's Christmas cards from her Instagram)

Kim Kardashian deleted her family’s Christmas cards from her Instagram and the fan theories behind the wipe are already swirling. The KKW beauty mogul and social media queen deleted the 25-count photo series featuring members of her famous family (minus Kylie) posted during the lead up into the holiday season suddenly, offering no explanation to the 105 million followers that keep it locked on her feed. 

On December 28, just three days after it was completed, the reality star shelved the photo shoot and fans were quick to demand answers. 

Responding to the pressure, Kim K revealed that the purge was always in the cards.

“Was always the plan,” she wrote. “I archieved them so my instagram feed vibe is back.”

With the holidays nearly over, the forever on-brand HBIC is free to go back to crafting her carefully-constructed aesthetic of Ultralight beam radiance and Yeezy Season 6 #Slayage. 

To compensate those fans who were bummed over Kim K abandoning the seasonal vibe so quickly, she then posted a picture of the West family looking fierce in front of a minimalistic Christmas tree. (Note: While Kanye isn’t QUITE smiling in the pic, he definitely looks a lot happier than he did in this Easter throwback.)

With her ‘Gram cleared and ready for incoming 2018 vibes, we seriously can’t wait to see what the mogul has in store for the new year. 


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