KJ Apa Snapped A Pic With His “Riverdale” Stunt Double And It Is Everything

Emily Gadsby
KJ Apa Riverdale
(Photo: @kjapa / Instagram)

KJ Apa has a body so nice, you have to see it twice.

The ultra-ripped leading man of the The CW hit series “Riverdale” recently dropped some serious hints about the grueling physicality yet to be seen on upcoming episodes of the second season. In a recent Instagram story, Apa shared a perfectly-posed shoulder-to-shoulder pic featuring himself and his on-set doppelganger, Matthew Mylrea. 

Red hair? ✔️

Brown, smoldering “smize?” ✔️

Thick, perfectly shaped eyebrows on fleek? ✔️

As if two auburn-locked chiseled “daddy’s” weren’t enough, Apa then revealed on the ‘Gram that Archie’s foray into the scantily-clad world of male wrestling was the reason behind the call for a stunt double. If you’re wondering why a gym rat like Apa would need a stand in for such the intense scene, we’re guessing CW execs were more than eager to phone in a professional after the actor broke his hand filming the season 1 finale. 

After the first #twinning pic, Apa shared a snippet of the on-set wrestling rehearsal, with Mylrea being thrown to the mat before pinning his opponent down WWE title belt-stye. (Seriously, Archie is going all IN for #RiverdaleWrestling.)

Always eager to keep his fans in the loop, Apa then shared a sweaty and semi-shirtless snap of the whole group gathered together after a long day of filming.

#riverdale wrestling team

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Captioning the photo “#Riverdale wrestling team,” there’s no doubt that spandex-wearing and ready-to-scrap Archie will be revealed on episode 11, titled “Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler.”

Double the Apa and only half of the clothes? Our bodies are (barely) ready.