KJ Apa Was Pictured In Bed With Another Man And “Riverdale” Fans Are Freaking Out

Emily Gadsby
KJ Apa was spotted in bed with another man
(Photo: Getty Images)

While scandal-inducing social media posts are often quickly deleted, celebs are often forced to learn the hard way that screenshots are forever. In a now-deleted pic uploaded to Instagram, “Riverdale” star KJ Apa was spotted in bed with another man. 

The snap popped up in the now deleted Instagram Story of Apa’s longtime pal Boston Ridge. The two attended King’s College secondary school together in New Zealand and fostered a friendship long before Apa landed his career-making role as Archie in the CW’s smash-hit series. 

After the image surfaced, Twitter went wild with speculation regarding Apa’s sexual orientation. 


“KJ Apa is officially gay. sorry, i don’t make the rules,” wrote one fan.


While Ridge and Apa sharing a bed together definitely doesn’t mean they’re enjoying anything other than a long-running bromance, it will certainly take a formal statement from the actor to squash speculation within the Twitterverse.