Lil Pump Arrested For Discharging A Gun Inside His Home, Gets #FreeLilPump Trending On Twitter

Emily Gadsby
Lil Pump was arrested for discharging a gun inside his home
(Photo: @lilpump / Instagram)

A far cry from spending ten racks on a new chain as a gift to himself for Valentine’s Day, rapper Lil Pump instead caught a case for discharging a firearm inside his home. Much more used to “hunnids on his wrist” instead of getting slapped with handcuffs, the Soundcloud rapper was arrested after law enforcement determined that he shot a single bullet through his closed front door while high on marijuana. 

According to CBS Los Angeles, officers first responded to a burglary-in-process call allegedly made from inside the rapper’s Woodland Hills apartment. Once inside the residence, law enforcement officials were informed by Pump (whose real name is Gazzy Garcia) that “three black men had tried to break into the unit” and that one would-be burglar fired a single shot through the front door of the residence. 

However, police officers quickly discovered holes in the attempted burglary story and after a thorough investigation, were confident that the trajectory of the bullet proved that the shot was fired from inside the home. Returning to the scene with a warrant just hours later, law enforcement officials discovered an unloaded handgun hidden in the shrubbery below a window of the “D Rose” rapper’s apartment. After finding ammo for the same gun in the emcee’s residence, police officers determined the intruder story to be falsified and arrested Lil Pump for the illegal discharge of a firearm before booking the rapper into the Sylmar Juvenile Hall. 

Once news of Pump’s arrest hit social media, the hashtag #FreeLilPump soon started trending on Twitter with the rapper’s die hard stans pleading for his immediate release. 

Not surprisingly, the “Gucci Gang” rapper was released less than 24 hours later, thanks to the “best lawyers in the planet.” Speaking to TMZ outside of Sylmar Juvenile Court, Lil Pump assured fans that he wasn’t taking his arrest and court case seriously before stopping to spit a few bars about the ordeal. 

“House arrest, house arrest, house arrest, house arrest/Popped two Xans and I passed the test/Gucci Gang tatted on my f—in’ chest,” he rapped, unable to keep himself from grinning.