Foul-Mouthed Tween Lil Tay Is A Fraud And Doesn’t Deserve To Be Internet Famous

Emily Gadsby
Lil Tay is a fraud
(Photo: @liltay / Instagram)

If you thought Woah Vicky was a tough pill to swallow with her wack-ass spider lashes and cringeworthy vocabulary, think again. Bursting onto the scene with a never-ending rotation of luxury vehicles and designer duds, Lil Tay is a 9-year-old Instagram icon also guilty of exploiting the shallowest corners of hip-hop culture. 

While I admit I was at first a fan of Lil Tay’s viral rants, her shtick as the “youngest flexer of the century” got old, fast. Continually flashing designer goods and stacks of cash in front of the camera while bragging that they’re worth more than most people’s rent checks, the out-of-control tween morphed from a unique online entertainer to a universally reviled character seemingly overnight.

Lil Tay is a fraud

As her mother was recently outed as the mastermind behind Lil Tay’s carefully crafted persona and the supplier of her high-end cribs, it quickly became clear that Lil Tay’s downfall was just getting started. With the real estate agent fired from her job as a result of her daughter’s foul-mouthed, racist rants, the 9-year-old’s status as a certified fraud is now permanent.

Furthermore, it’s not just the accessories and vacant luxury properties that are fake. Recently put on blast by Snoop Dogg himself, it’s clear that Lil Tay is actually NOTHING like the hard-ass persona she displays on camera. 

“I found this tape of liltay being coached by her brother on how to be more ignorant she need to be in school learning how to be a little girl not a dumb Ass grown person Facts,” wrote the rapper. “Clout chasers R. I. P.”

Instead of looking like an absolute fool and talking smack on the ‘Gram, Lil Tay should really pick a more age-appropriate hobby. Torn between wanting to call social services on the 9-year-old’s parents for exploiting their child and watching Tay’s videos just to see the bar sink lower, I’m certain that whatever happens, I won’t mourn her impending departure from social media. 

Give it up, Lil Tay. You’ll never be the next Bhad Bhabie because you don’t have the credibility, talent, or mass appeal to turn a catchphrase into a budding career in hip-hop. While you may claim that you know what it takes to become Instafamous, you don’t have the clout or the staying power to shed your image as a once-exposed fraud.