YAS! Lil Tay Is Finally Returning To Social Media

Emily Gadsby
Lil Tay is finally returning to social media
(Photo: @liltay / Instagram)

With all the recent drama in Hollywood, it’s easy to believe that we really are living in the end times. Thankfully, Lil Tay is here to show all of us broke-ass haters that there IS redemption on the horizon, we just have to set our eyes on the youngest flexer of the century. 

After enjoying only a short time at the top of the rankings of tween social media stars, Lil Tay suddenly and sadly disappeared from the internet altogether as a result of Twitter detectives getting their hands on a damning video. In the clip, the 9-year-old is clearly getting fed lines from her brother standing just off-camera, struggling to deliver explicit verbal slams that would be out of place on ANY elementary school playground. 

With so many critics eager to hate on Lil Tay’s clearly manufactured “hard” personality, I actually love the tween’s controversial claim to fame. Manipulating a massive follower count to secure the bag before she hits puberty isn’t exploitation, it’s a genius way to ride the current “anyone can be Instagram famous” wave. 

Lil Tay is returning to social media

Forced to stare at an ominously blank Instagram feed for the past week, I was, of course, ecstatic after learning of Lil Tay’s imminent return to social media. 

“She’s gonna come back with something unique,” Alex Gelbard revealed to TMZ, speaking as Lil Tay’s former manager and consultant. “It’s definitely gonna be different than what you saw before. Whatever she’s working on, she’s got a bright future.” 

BRB, refreshing Lil Tay’s Instagram and Twitter accounts repeatedly until the queen returns to her throne (that costs more than your rent, of course).