Lil Tay Is In Trouble So The Viral Hashtag #SaveLilTay Really Isn’t Funny Anymore

Emily Gadsby
Lil Tay is in trouble
(Photo: @liltay / Instagram)

Initially, Lil Tay was little more than an internet darling-turned-universally hated viral star who made headlines with her foul-mouthed social media rants. As interesting as it was to watch her ascend the ranks of other wannabe online entertainers, it was Lil Tay’s fall from grace that captivated followers of internet culture around the world. 

Spouting off expletive-laced rants about how she’s the undisputed “youngest flexer of the century” with designer duds, cars, and mansions that “cost more than your mama’s rent,” Tay’s Instagram empire millions of followers deep came crashing down after she was exposed as a fraud. Exposed for filming videos at her mother’s workplace while reading scripts written by her older brother, the novelty of a 9-year-old swearing and stunting on camera soon wore off and became replaced by revulsion at just how low fame-seekers will sink to hit it big. 

Disgusted by the tween’s exploitation at the hands of her mother and brother, Lil Tay’s ride-or-dies hopped onto social media during her hiatus to get #SaveLilTay trending on Twitter in an attempt to call some attention to her family’s obsessive pursuit of fame. However, the hashtag soon lost steam as Tay’s time in the spotlight quickly faded alongside her position on Instagram’s Explore page. 

Lil Tay is in trouble

After her Instagram was wiped clean in early June following the scandal surrounding her exposed status as a fraud, fans expected Tay’s hasty return to social media complete with a total image rebrand. However, save for one post in honor of rapper XXXTentacion’s passing, Tay remained in the shadows, keeping her distance from both the headlines and the internet. 

Suddenly breaking the social media silence once more, someone hopped onto her Instagram Story to drop one single post of a black screen with a small “help me” message directly in the center. 

While I’ll freely admit that I joked about Lil Tay at the height of her short-lived fame, seeing this message was actually quite troubling considering the fact that no one knows who actually runs the tween’s Instagram account. We know that her brother coached her on content and her mother directed her videos, but does Lil Tay have the password to her own profile? Does she have ANY control over the uploads associated with her name?

#SaveLilTay is no longer a means to poke fun at the 9-year-old’s fall from grace. Lil Tay is a CHILD, so here’s to hoping that she gets the help that she’s apparently asking for.