An A-List Celeb Seriously Wanted Lilly Singh To “Destroy Her Self-Worth” In Exchange For Their Cameo Appearance

Emily Gadsby
Lilly Singh is calling out A-list celebs on Twitter
(Photo: @iisuperwomanii / Instagram)

With the strictly film, television or arena-touring route to traditional celebdom smashed by the rise of video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vine, (RIP) online entertainer Lilly Singh is here to school A-listers on the new rules of fame. Bursting on to the scene back in 2010 with her own unique brand of quirky comedy and hilarious observation videos, Singh established a name for herself within the YouTube community before graduating to collaborations with top names like The Rock, Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas and even James Franco. 

Securing herself a spot in the top 100 most-subscribed channels on the platform, Singh is now secure enough in her career as a viral superstar to call out (not by name, though) mainstream celebs who seek to use Internet celebrities strictly as a way to broaden their own appeal. Noting the vast difference between creative collaboration and exploitation, Singh took to Twitter to vent her frustration.

“With all due respect, if you’re a ‘traditional’ celebrity trying to enter the digital space on platforms such as YouTube, please do not approach my peers and I as if we are pawns in your strategy,” she wrote. “Happy to collaborate as creatives, not destroy my self-worth for your cameo.”


“Miss me with that, ‘I want your viewership enough to collaborate but not enough to trust your creative vision’ nonsense,” Singh continued. 

The two-time Teen Choice Award-winner ever brought in Destiny’s Child to explain why she wouldn’t be calling out the cruel celebs by name–her mama taught her better than that. 

If you’re worried that Singh’s venom-filled tweets were aimed at The Rock, don’t be–according to the social media superstar he’s a “fantastic, down to earth, humble human being.”

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