Professional D-Bag Logan Paul Proves He Still Doesn’t Belong In Polite Society After Causing Trouble In Yosemite National Park

Emily Gadsby
Logan Paul caused trouble in Yosemite National Park
(Photo: WireImage)

Someone needs to take away internet bad boy Logan Paul’s camera — like, yesterday. 

Proving that he hasn’t actually learned anything from his infamous, career-tanking “Suicide Forest” vlog, Logan Paul hopped in front of the camera once more to cause a mess in Yosemite National Park in honor of his birthday. While the fact that Paul has managed to keep himself alive for 23 years is no doubt surprising, the social media star’s haters and members of the #Logang alike weren’t shocked to see the “No Handlebars” artist making an ass of himself in the constant hunt for more subscribers. 

Showing the world that any behavior is OK as long as you make a tearful, forced Twitter apology in its aftermath, Paul and his equally detestable crew of walking jockstraps thought it was a good idea to tie tents to the roof of a school bus, drive around the forest, and film the entire ordeal. Not long after their bizarro camping trip went underway, Paul and his crew were stopped by a park ranger who cited them for their reckless behavior. 

Thankfully, this particular park ranger was NOT here for Paul’s unique brand of asshat behavior and cited the online entertainer for his stunt. An official with the U.S. National Parks Service said that riding around on top of a bus unsecured “wasn’t the smartest or safest thing to do.”

Ruining the scenic landscape for fellow Yosemite visitors even more than he had by just arriving in the first place, Paul also parked his school bus (nicknamed “The Cool Bus”) illegally, taking up five spots in the process. Fortunately for Paul, this park ranger was more forgiving of his behavior (and TBH, probably a secret member of the #Logang) and told the prankster that he wouldn’t be receiving a ticket for his parking violation because it was his birthday. 

To get a more up-close, in-depth look at the barrel of depravity that is Logan Paul, watch his full birthday vlog below — but don’t say that I didn’t warn you: