Embattled YouTuber Logan Paul’s New Interview With Casey Neistat Draws More Criticism

Emily Gadsby
Logan Paul is still trash
(Photo: Getty Images)

If you think that Logan Paul has actually changed for the better, then you’re either extremely gullible, or just plain stupid. 

In a recent interview with fellow YouTube star Casey Neistat, Paul let his “reformed nice guy” image slip for long enough to show the world that he still is just as much of a trash bag as he was before he fell from the public’s good graces. Proving exactly what I’ve believed since Paul’s weak-ass initial apology video, it’s clear that the online entertainer isn’t sorry for what he did, he’s simply sorry that his piss-poor behavior came to light.

Logan Paul is still trash

Serving up a massive red flag, Paul admitted during the interview that he didn’t think his behavior during his ill-fated trip to Japan was “culturally insensitive.”

Disgusted with Paul’s failure to notice the gravity of his offenses, Neistat thankfully pointed out just how crude Paul acted during his ENTIRE vlogging tour of Japan, not limited to his exploitation of a suicide victim. “Dressed as a Pokemon throwing a Pikachu at the car, I absolutely think that’s culturally insensitive,” Neistat argued

“I don’t think what I did was right,” said Paul. “I’m just saying there’s a difference between being culturally insensitive — insensitive towards a culture — and overall insensitivity, which is what the old Logan Paul had an issue with, and had a problem with.

Paul added: “I jumped off a bridge in Italy, is that culturally insensitive? Is saying ‘mamma mia’ culturally insensitive?” 

Clearly, Paul has no idea just how bottom-of-the-barrel his content is. Appealing to the lowest common denominator of YouTube audiences, Paul’s content is equal parts offensive AND culturally insensitive. 


Hopefully, the viral star’s recent interview will persuade some members of the #Logang to abandon their wayward leader and find another YouTube personality to follow. You can be funny without being offensive, so Paul’s decision to keep his content stream just as disgusting as ever isn’t a mistake, it’s a conscious choice. Sadly, Paul’s continued fame and multimillion-dollar YouTube empire prove that he doesn’t have to change his buffoonish behavior to remain successful, so he most likely never will.