Michael B. Jordan Is Shooting His Shot At Lupita Nyong’o On Twitter And “Black Panther” Fans Are Freaking Out

Emily Gadsby
Michael B. Jordan was caught flirting with Lupita Nyong'o
(Photo: Getty Images)

Bolstered by the “Wakanda forever!” vibe sweeping the nation after the mega-successful release of the Marvel Comics blockbuster “Black Panther,”  fans can’t get enough of the IRL relationship between co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o.

In the months leading up to the release of their high-grossing film, Jordan and Nyong’o were spotting beau-ing up heavy everywhere from New York Fashion week shows to talkshow dressing rooms. To spice up their friend-lationship even further, the two co-stars even entered into a bet while on the set of “Black Panther” which granted Nyong’o the power to demand spontaneous push-ups from Jordan–anywhere, and any time. 

More buff than ever before, Jordan ramped their flirt session up a notch with a spicy tweet that the actor has since deleted from his timeline. 

“Lupita Nyong’o bring them chocolate cakes back,” he wrote. “You ready for round 2? #youknowyouwantthis”

In response, Nyong’o was eager to publicly show fans that she was totally game for Jordan’s advances. 

“No dessert until you come correct, Michael B. Jordan! #youknowyouwant this #youaintready,” she wrote.

With their brazen flirtation on full display, diehard “Black Panther” fans rallied in support of the new Wakandan power couple.

Despite the fact that Jordan deleted the tweet soon after it was dropped and called the whole exchange a prank, fans weren’t here for his flimsy explanation. 

“So it seems like Michael’s friend tweeted the thing about her chocolate cakes and then Michael deleted it when he found out, but Lupita was feeling it before she found out it was a hack, and then she deleted her response but my theory is it wasn’t a hack at all,” wrote one fan, theorizing that Jordan and his lady love are working together on the social media cover-up. 

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think–is this couple just faking it for publicity, or are they the real deal?

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