Millie Bobby Brown Dancing To “Walmart Boy” Remix Proves That The Internet Can Still Be A Beautiful Place

Emily Gadsby
Millie Bobby Brown dancing to the Walmart Boy remix
(Photo: Getty Images)

With the fast pace of modern life constantly accelerating, it’s no secret that we’re plodding through the days with one foot on the ground and one in the cloud. Most days, it’s a win if I’m able to trundle down a busy street, pick up my Starbucks soy latte (that I’ve ordered in-app, of course), and get back into my car without ever having to look up from my smartphone and interact with anyone IRL. 

While it’s a commonly known fact that online trolls are the absolute worst and haters feel more than entitled to spew their venom all over social media, it’s good to be reminded every once in a long while that internet culture has actually gifted the zeitgeist with some genuine gems. Thankfully, #MasonRamsey aka #WalmartBoy belting out some good ol’ yodelin’ tunes proved to be just what the internet needed to unite keyboard warriors in one wholesome, meme-swapping moment of toe-tapping glory. 

After taking the major social media platforms by storm, #WalmartBoy even managed to catch the attention of “Stranger Things” breakout starlet Millie Bobby Brown. Clearly labeling the viral remix of the 11-year-old’s public yodeling session as a bop, Millie took to Instagram to serve her 15.8 million followers with choreographed slayage delivered in time to the beat. 

“Flossing to my manz #masonramsey,” Millie captioned the video.

Flossing to my manz #masonramsey

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Taking her appreciation one step further, Millie hopped onto Snapchat to profess her love for the Walmart tween’s country rendition that now serves as a shining high point of internet culture. 

“Oh my god. OK guys, let me just tell you one thing. I think the yodeling Walmart guy is probably the cutest thing,” she said. “The way he taps his foot, the way he’s just involved. … I honestly support him, I love him. I play him all the time, it’s great.” 

As proven by the young princess of Netflix herself, the internet isn’t all bad — if you know where to look.