Millie Bobby Brown And Young Natalie Portman Look So Much Alike That Twitter Is Freaking Out

Emily Gadsby
Millie Bobby Brown is young Natalie Portman's doppelganger
(Photo: Shutterstock / Getty Images)

The Internet just realized that Millie Bobby Brown is young Natalie Portman’s doppelganger and Twitter is freaking out.

With a 23-year age difference between the two, fans are speculating over whether or not Portman took a dip into the “Upside Down” to emerge as a younger starlet with similarly-matched acting chops. Some are even convinced that there is a conspiracy theory swirling around the “Stranger Things” actress and the Academy Award-winning Hollywood icon after a side-by-side image comparison emerged showing their nearly-identical buzzcuts.

The viral debate even reached Brown herself, who commented “Mom ❤️” under an Instagram post likening herself to a younger Portman.

While some Twitter users went wild with fan theories, others grounded their remarks in reality–namely, in a world where a celebrity cannot bend the laws of space and time to their whim just to reinvent their image. 

“Clearly Millie needs to play Natalie’s daughter at some point,” wrote a fan of Brown’s work on “Stranger Things.” “Make it happen, Hollywood. She’s also a precocious and smart young scene stealer who likely will also win an Oscar one day.”

Time travel and parallel universes aside, there’s no denying that if the two actresses were the same age they would set some serious #Twinning goals.