YouTube Star Neels Visser And Cindy Kimberly Are Here To Prove That It IS Possible To Have An Amicable Breakup

Emily Gadsby
Neels Visser and Cindy Kimberly broke up
(Photo: Fanpop)

YouTube star, OG Team 10 member, aspiring DJ, and IMG-signed model Neels Visser is here to prove that a breakup doesn’t have to be a nasty affair. Bolstered by the support of his now-ex-girlfriend and fellow model Cindy Kimberly, Visser took to Twitter to announce the news of their split after over a year of dating. 

“I don’t know how to begin this other than I want to be very clear that I have nothing but love and respect for Cindy,” he wrote. “There are many untrue rumors that suggest we broke up from cheating or other negative things. This is NOT true. I can’t express how much respect I have for Cindy as an individual and leader.”

Echoing Visser’s sentiment, Kimberly posted a heartfelt message of her own.

“Me and Neels shared so many amazing memories for the past year but unfortunately sometimes things come to an end and not necessarily be anyone’s fault,” she tweeted. “There was no big fight or reason to pick sides I will always have love for Neels and will always cherish the moments we’ve shared together and continue to support and love him as [an] individual.

“We’ve shared our love with you so it seems fair to share this with you as well.”

In response to their civil split, fans flocked to the social media starlet’s comments section to applaud her and Visser’s mature stance on their public parting of ways. 

Instead of dragging their families into a nasty breakup (looking at you, Gigi and Zayn), Visser and Kimberly took the high road to prove to their millions of social media followers that celebrity relationships aren’t always full of drama.