Nick Crompton Accused Jake Paul’s Aging Sleazeball Dad Of Verbal Harassment, And TBH I’m Not Surprised

Emily Gadsby
Nick Crompton accused Jake Paul's dad of verbal harassment
(Photo: @nickcrompton / Instagram / @gregpaul63 / Instagram)

If you think Logan and Jake Paul’s never-ending stream of offensive, cringeworthy content is as bad as it gets, think again. Dedicated to clinging to his children’s luxurious lifestyle in the Hollywood Hills, Greg Paul attempted to carve out his own chunk of their social media empire by appearing in several of their YouTube videos. From kissing blindfolded teenagers to enticing his followers to join in on his school bus road trip, it’s clear that Greg Paul is at best a terrible father and at worst an aging, fame-hungry narcissist. 

When news of Team 10’s collapsing infrastructure made headlines, the former chief operating officer of the social media incubator clued fans in about the trouble brewing behind the scenes. Citing “internal changes” as the reason behind his departure, it quickly became clear that one of the most loyal members of Jake Paul’s viral squad wasn’t leaving the infamous Team 10 house just because he wanted to focus on his own rising star.

Nick Crompton accused Jake Paul’s dad of verbal harassment

As it is his self-given duty to stick his bald head where it doesn’t belong, Greg Paul of course chimed in on Crompton’s exit statement. 

Despite the fact that he shouldn’t be handing out advice to anyone, the Paul patriarch clapped back with a lecture from the mooching-off-my-children school of economics. “BUSINESS 101. If anyone has an issue with an internal business audit , there is usually a reason why and no matter what an opinion might state, the fact is that 2+2 = 4,” he wrote.

As someone who loathes the pathetic desperation of Greg Paul far more than I do the behavior of his fame-hungry children, I was overjoyed when Crompton unholstered his Twitter fingers and fired off a response. 

“But nobody had an issue with you auditing? People had issue with being verbally abused, watching their coworkers be fired around them and not being kept in the loop,” he tweeted. “Business 101, communication. Everytime you publicly post to try make myself or the team look bad, I will respond.”

In addition to the barely contained temper clearly visible on Greg Paul’s disturbing Instagram page, there’s an aggressiveness that bleeds through his Twitter posts. As an out-of-touch middle-aged man who is undoubtedly using his son’s business as a path to a major payday, there’s little reason to doubt the allegations against Greg Paul. 

Back off, GP. No one wants to see you in the spotlight.