Team 10’s Nick Crompton Introduced His BF To The World With The Help Of Jake Paul And We’re Here For It

Emily Gadsby
Nick Crompton came out as gay
(Photo: @nickcrompton / Instagram)

In a move that shocked Team 10 fans everywhere, Nick Crompton came out as gay on Jake Paul’s YouTube channel by introducing his new BF, Levy.

Following the bombshell announcement, disappointed future-Mrs. Crompton hopefuls took to Twitter to lament what will never be:

The COO of Jake Paul’s social media incubator Team 10 and founding member of The Social Chain, a progressive marketing agency, Crompton is a successful YouTuber-turned-entrepreneur. 

The 22-year-old British Internet personality sat down with viral juggernaut Jake Paul to discuss the origins of his new relationship after revealing his sexuality to the vlogger’s 12 million subscribers. 

“I’ve never like straight up just said ‘I’m gay’ but I talk about guys all the time,” revealed Crompton. 

Paul then brought Crompton’s boyfriend Levi into frame, christening the couple with the portmanteau title #Lick (sorry #Jerika fans). After the two shared an adoring look, Crompton revealed he found his current BF on Tinder before their official Instagram introduction let to an IRL meet-up. 

“I was trying to show off so much. I made Ray drive me to his house in the white Rolls-Royce and I picked him up and brought him to the cinema,” said Crompton, revealing the truth behind his first impression flexin’. 

Levy, who had been quiet for most of the vlog then piped up to add that Crompton has stopped a passionate make-out session to slip in his iconic line, “England is my city.”

Digging through their Twitter/Insta accounts, it looks like Crompton and his new beau definitely make each other happy: