Nicki Minaj Does NOT Copy Other Artists So Azealia Banks Really Needs To Stop Beefing With The Queen

Emily Gadsby
Nicki Minaj does not copy other artists
(Photo: @nickiminaj / Instagram)

Nicki Minaj wasn’t joking around when she stepped onstage at the 2014 BET Awards to accept her title as the best female hip-hop artist. Confidently approaching the mic, Minaj eagerly let the world know that even though she was at the top of the game, her dedication to her craft was still just as resolute as when she’d been selling mixtapes back in Queens during her come up. 

“What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj, is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it. No shade,” said the “Chun-Li” rapper

Consistently dodging accusations of stealing Lil Kim’s flow and Remy Ma’s lines, Minaj has come out on top time and again, proving that she is nothing if not original. Dropping banger after banger while building a reputation as a hit-making feature artist, the Young Money-signed femcee clearly knows how to take blows in a rap beef while still emerging on top of the heap. 

Cementing her status as a certified Twitter troll, washed-up rapper Azealia Banks crawled out of her hole to slam Minaj for her recently released mermaid-themed visual for her new single, “Bed.” 

Nicki Minaj does not copy other artists

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Banks accused Minaj of copying the mermaid theme for her upcoming song “Treasure Island,” while also slamming the rapper for her famously curvy figure.

“Chicken of the sea sis. Stay in your own lane. @nickiminaj lol you running out of ideas girl. #TREASUREISLAND,” tweeted Banks, mistakenly assuming that people actually cared about her soon-to-be-released single. Obviously, the only way that Banks can stay in the headlines is to slam other femcees who are charting and securing the bag in ways that she can only dream of. Sorry sis, but Twitter trolling is NOT a profession. 

“Damn those big fake butts really do not look chic in mermaid tails,” continued Banks. “Lol female rap is a mess today yet I’m still the most original , talented and the most SKINNYYY ! ! Drinking my skinny watermelontini staring from the kitchen window as I watch the raccoons scrounge for art in my garbage bins.”

Since when does being skinny equate to having talent that translates into chart-topping, record-breaking success? 

Stay in your lane, Banks … and remember that just a few months ago, you were apologizing and low-key begging for a feature