Are Nicki Minaj And Nas A Thing Now?

Emily Gadsby
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Those old rumors are swirling that Nicki Minaj and Nas are a couple, and it’s all bubbling up due to an Instagram post (again). This isn’t the first time fans have suspected the two rappers of being an item, but every time there’s new evidence, the case gets stronger.

The rumors about the pair first started up in the spring when Minaj, fresh from her breakup with Meek Mill, shared an intimate photo of herself with Nas.

The pic of the pair sharing a meal at Nas’ NY Sweet Chick restaurant prompted Ellen Degeneres to ask Minaj directly about her relationship status with the “If I Ruled The World” rapper. Minaj’s coy sidestep certainly didn’t dispel the #Nasnicki surge on social media as she revealed, “I’m celibate. I wanted to go a year without dating any man. I hate men. But I might make an exception to the rule for [Nas] because he’s so dope.”

Now the rumors are surging again after Minaj was seen at The Pool Lounge in NYC, cozying up to the “Stillmatic” rapper at his 44th birthday party. With Minaj tucked under his arm and her hand on his chest, there’s no disputing that the two were definitely vibing. 

The two titans of rap were then shipped all over social media, their couple’s hashtag trending and fans flocking to offer their support. 

What do you think? Are Nicki Minaj and Nas really together, or is this just hype for Minaj’s next album?

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