Not Cool, Bro: Logan Paul Got Arrested In Italy For THIS Stupid Reason

Emily Gadsby
Logan Paul Got Arrested
(Photo: Logan Paul / YouTube)

With his perfectly-mussed blonde hair, frat boy persona and perpetual doin’-it-for-the-views lifestyle, it’s no surprise that YouTuber Logan Paul landed himself cuffed and in the back of a police cruiser while vacationing abroad. The social media star and viral celebrity jetted to Italy with his brother Jake Paul and a few friends to eat, play, and lunk their way through the Eternal City, stuntin’ for the #logang the entire time.

I'm not a tourist I'm a giraffe

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In a video posted to Paul’s account for the pleasure of his 12 million subscribers, the “Maverick” star and his brother flew a drone over the  Colosseum, a historical site with protected airspace – a totally sick and definitely illegal move on behalf of the Paul bros.

The drone was quickly confiscated by security guards, happy to take a picture with the brothers (and elevate their likes on the ‘Gram) who ultimately insisted on calling the authorities. 

Paul, never one to miss a vlogging opportunity secretly filmed his arrest and transfer to police headquarters elsewhere in Rome. “The flying of the drone in this area is illegal,” an Italian officer told Paul, who was seemingly oblivious to the severity of the situation. “We must arrest you for this.”

With a casual flick of his hair, Paul bites back a smile and gives the officers a clipped “No bueno.”

Thankfully for the millions who live vicariously through Paul’s often cringeworthy and always public antics, the viral sensation was released from custody a short while later. After reiterating to authorities that he has “no clue” where the drone controller is and pleading for his release, Logan Paul lived to flex another day.

Paul then went on to actually publish a (definitely not clickbait) vlog detailing the incident, brazenly including the drone footage that landed him in hot water at the end of the segment.

Watch the clip below and decide for yourself if it was worth (almost) going to jail for: 


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