Rapper/Flat Earther B.o.B. Launches GoFundMe To Prove Flatness Of The Earth


(Photo: Entertainment Tonight)

Rapper B.o.B., presumably in an attempt to sell records through sheer embarrassment, has doubled down on his steadfast belief that the Earth is flat.

The hip-hop artist, known for tunes like “Airplanes” and “Nothin on You,” has launched a crowdfunding page for an experiment to prove the flatness of the Earth. Flat Earther B.o.B. wants to raise $200,000 to “send one, if not multiple satellites, as far into orbit” as he can. Interesting that B.o.B. will not just donate $200,000 of his own ample music-star income to the project. Also of note: GoFundMe, the crowdfunding website hosting B.o.B.’s campaign, does not require return of funds if a campaign does not meet its goal. In other words, flat Earther B.o.B. gets to keep all the donor money even if he doesn’t try his experiment.

B.o.B. claims that by launching satellites into orbit, he can prove the flatness of the Earth. B.o.B. apparently does not understand that satellites can only orbit round objects. Noted scientists, including Neil deGrasse Tyson, have tried to explain these principles to B.o.B. in the past, to no avail. B.o.B. first ran afoul of Tyson in 2016 in the flat-Earth debate.

B.o.B.’s conspiracy theories extend far beyond that of the flat Earth. In the midst of his 2016 Twitter debate with Tyson, B.o.B. penned a rap against the famed physicist. Said rap also featured anti-Semitic lyrics. B.o.B. has claimed that a Jewish conspiracy created the notion of a round Earth as part a means of control. He’s also espoused beliefs that the same cabal staged 1969 moon landing, the government has cloned celebrities, and that the Illuminati rule the world in secret. He further claims that the US government perpetrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks.