Sofia Veraga Has Taken Shocking Steps To Empower Women With Underwear

David Reddish
sofia vergara underwear line
(Photo: Famous People)

Colombian bombshell and Emmy-nominated actress Sofia Veraga has taken shocking steps to empower women. She has launched her own line of underwear.

The actress, known for her role on ABC’s “Modern Family,” stopped by “The Late Show” to chat with host Stephen Colbert. During her interview, she slipped a pair of underwear out of her skirt to give to Colbert as a gift.

Veraga founded the company EBY as a means to generate funds for underprivileged women. Her business partner, Renata Black, contacted the actress about starting her own line of underwear. She added the caveat that a portion of the profits go to charity. Veraga first demanded to try on the underwear. After the negligee impressed her with its comfort, she agreed to sign on to the venture.

“We wanted a business for us that we were going to help women get their own business,” Veraga explained. “So 10 percent of the net price, we’re giving … the money to women to finance their businesses.” She went on to tell Colbert how the money constituted micro loans to women in third world nations, like Columbia. She also added that the second round of proceeds would go to women in the United States, in particular those affected by hurricane destruction.

Veraga grew up in Columbia, initially studying dentistry before a talent scout suggested she try modeling. Success in television ads next led to acting, and to her role on “Modern Family.” With the success of that show, Veraga has transitioned into film roles in movies like “Chef” and “Hot Pursuit.” In 2016, she became the highest-paid actress on television, taking home a reported $43 million per year.

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