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25 of the Wildest Celebrity Feuds of All Time

25 of the Wildest Celebrity Feuds of All Time September 27, 2017

    Hollywood types have a history of raw ambition, which should come as no surprise. After all, can anyone make it to the top of the showbiz heap without pissing off at least one person? These stars all had some of the most notorious celebrity feuds in showbiz history. Some resulted from misunderstandings, others from family or romantic rivalries, and still others from inflated ego. Go figure that those egos bruise easily, and can ignite heated, nasty feuds that drag on for years.

    Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

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    IMAGE BY: E! Online

    Swift and West’s notorious feud kicked off in 2009 when West interrupted her acceptance speech at the VMAs. The bickering has progressed ever since, with West apologizing, retracting his apology, and taking credit for Swift’s fame. The two continue to jab at each other in interviews.