Paris Hilton Rekindles Old Feud With Lindsay Lohan

Emily Gadsby
Paris Hilton rekindled her feud with Lindsay Lohan
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The aughts were a great time for celebrity culture. Long before the days of the Facebook- and Twitter-dominated Hollywood news cycle, there was still an air of mystique surrounding celebrity culture. Years prior to the KarJenner family’s ascension in the beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries, legendary frenemy drama between the OG socialite Paris Hilton and professional hot mess Lindsay Lohan churned out more than enough headlines to keep the tabloid industry afloat. 

Proving that she still is just as petty and bratty IRL as she came across on her reality series “The Simple Life,” Paris Hilton recently unholstered her Twitter fingers to reignite some old drama with one-time BFF Lohan. 

Paris Hilton rekindled her feud with Lindsay Lohan

When a fan account posted a video dating back to 2006 that catalogued Lohan’s inability to keep her stories about Hilton straight, the former reality star couldn’t refrain from sliding into the comments section. “#PathologicalLiar,” wrote Hilton, adding a laughing emoji. 

Unable to keep his money-grubbing paws off his daughter’s name entering the headlines once more for reasons NOT related to her rap sheet or her long-standing battle with substance abuse, LiLo’s father Michael Lohan took to Twitter to flat-out brand Hilton a liar.

Still heated and ready to argue, Lohan defended her daughter once more against the hotel heiress’ social media drag session. “Why should lindsay engage on utter ignorance, nonsense and lies of a grown woman acting like an evil vindictive jealous child,” tweeted Lohan, clinging to his daughter’s (now) D-list celebrity status.

TBH, I am LIVING from this blast-from-the-past drama session and cannot WAIT for LiLo herself to respond.