Paris Jackson Says She’s Embracing Her Fame To “Help The Masses”

Emily Gadsby
paris jackson embraces fame
(Photo: Getty Images)

Paris Jackson is back.

The multi-talented actress, IMG model, newly-appointed ambassador to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and smoldering face of Calvin Klein is on a mission with her triumphant return to Hollywood. Jackson, who was just a child when her famous pop icon father, Michael Jackson passed away in 2011 is no stranger to the stresses and pressure of fame.

The “Gringo” actress graced the red carpet for People magazine’s “Ones To Watch” party and dazzled the camera-ready crowd in a flowing, bohemian-style dress that paired perfectly with her all-natural look.

At the party, the 19-year-old dished to People the selfless reason behind her return to the public eye and the career pivot that put her back in the fame circus.

“I originally wanted to just kind of stay out of the spotlight and become a psychologist or a nurse at a psychiatric ward,” the model said.”I realized it would be a shame to waste the platform I was given. Having the ability to go into the acting and fashion world, I just figured, why not use that to make my platform bigger? That way, instead of helping the world one by one with patients, I could help the masses.”

While Jackson’s intentions are pure, she’s still aware of the pitfalls that plague young Hollywood starlets, and later revealed her secret to avoiding temptation. “The best advice I’ve been given is to be strategic in the mind, young at heart, and wise in the soul,” she said. “If you have those three things you can navigate pretty easily any path that you’re on.”

You go, Paris. We’re beyond excited to see the wise-beyond-her-years starlet use her platform as a force for positive change.


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