Paris Jackson Prank Called Taylor Lautner With An Australian Accent And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Emily Gadsby
Paris Jackson Taylor Lautner
(Photo: Getty Images)

After playing a shirtless werehunk in the mega-successful “Twilight” series, Taylor Lautner is no stranger to the dedication of diehard fangirls. With a perfect olive-skinned complexion, dazzling smile, and a torso that looks like it’s sculpted out of marble, Lautner has been firmly planted in heartthrob territory for years.

Despite Lautner’s status as an industry veteran, pal Paris Jackson was able to use her own acting chops to fool the celeb with a hilarious prank call. During a recent appearance on the Hamish & Andy podcast in Australia, Jackson dialed Lautner’s coveted digits and claimed she was with a super-fan who was beyond desperate to speak to the hunk. Revealing to Lautner that she was calling from the land down under, Jackson then added that the fangirl “Rachel” was right next to her and ready for her long-awaited fan convo. 

Slipping into a believable Aussie accent, Jackson then spoke to Lautner as “Rachel”: “Oh my god, Taylor,” she said. “I don’t think you understand. … I have so many dreams about you. Do you really turn into a wolf?”

Flustered, Lautner replied that he was “only human” after an awkward pregnant pause. 

“I dream about your paws on me, and I just dream that one day you’ll come to the land Down Under,” Jackson added, barely able to conceal her laughter.

After Lautner told “Rachel” that she was “making him blush,” Jackson broke character and told the star that it was actually her the entire time.

Thankfully, Lautner was a good sport regarding the prank and wasn’t upset with his longtime friend over the deception. 

Watch the hilariously awkward phone call below: