Pete Davidson Confirmed His Engagement To Ariana Grande In A Super Cringeworthy Way

Emily Gadsby
Pete Davidson confirmed his engagement to Ariana Grande
(Photo: @petedavidson / Instagram)

Admittedly, I was once fully on board with the whole Ariana Grande x Pete Davidson whirlwind romance sweeping through the Twitterverse and setting the #Arianator stan army ablaze. After the “No Tears Left to Cry” pop star split from ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and his toxic history with substance abuse, I wondered who Grande would turn to next, because, let’s be honest, sis never stays single for long. 

As Grande flaunted her budding romance with “Saturday Night Live” funnyman Pete Davidson, I cheered on the unlikely pair from the sidelines while wondering just how long #GrandSon would last before the “Side to Side” hitmaker dropped her rebound beau. 

Surprisingly, the lovestruck couple proved me wrong by proudly flaunting their matching tattoos, over-the-top flirtation, and lightning-fast engagement all over social media. While some stans were happy to see their idols sharing the honeymoon phase of their romance with the public, I was immediately compelled to stay away from the celebrity version of that annoying couple in high school who couldn’t keep their hands off one another in the hallways.

Pete Davidson confirmed his engagement to Ariana Grande

With his celebrity profile heightened considerably by dating well outside of his league, the late-night funnyman stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to gush about his engagement. 

“I feel like I won a contest. I’m f—ing lit, Jimmy,” said Davidson, responding to Fallon’s good-natured barb that he “didn’t have to get engaged to Ariana Grande to come on the show.” 

Yikes. Call it what you will, but seeing a grown man squirm while talking about his lady love never translates to a calm, cool, and mature response to a developing romance. As a celebrity (albeit a minor one) Davidson is no stranger to the late-night talk show circuit and was undoubtedly certain that Fallon would bring up the event that has earned him more publicity than anything else in his entire career as a comedian. 

Sorry, Davidson stans, but there’s a line between happy and creepy, and your man just crossed it.