Pete Davidson Dropped $100K On Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring So I Hope There’s A Prenup

Emily Gadsby
Pete Davidson spent $100K on Ariana Grande's engagement ring
(Photo: @petedavidson / Instagram)

As one of the youngest comedians to ever secure a spot on the coveted late-night lineup of “Saturday Night Live,” Pete Davidson’s been doing OK by Hollywood’s high standards. With several cameo appearances under his belt (who could forget his stint in Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck”?) and a semi-vibrant standup career on the side, Davidson occupies a niche space between regular earners and Tinseltown A-listers. 

However, Davidson’s finances are now under close scrutiny after he splashed some serious cash on a massive rock for his newly minted fiancee, pop star Ariana Grande. 

Pete Davidson spent $100K on Ariana Grande’s engagement ring

Despite the fact that I’ve had empty water bottles littering the floor of my car for longer than Grande and Davidson have been dating, the two lovebirds evidently thought that three weeks together was long enough to make a lifelong commitment to one another. With a net worth clocking in at a humble (by Hollywood’s standards) $500,000, it’s obvious that Davidson is well aware of the fact that his fiancee, worth a staggering $45 million, is marrying down, financially. 

While some #Arianators are touched by the comic’s grand romantic gesture, I find the fact that Davidson spent 20 percent of his entire bankroll on his brand-new girlfriend-turned-fiancee deeply troubling. 

Although Grande definitely doesn’t need a man to hold her down in the bills department, it’s nice to see that the man you plan to spend the rest of your life with isn’t prone to impulsive, fiscally irresponsible decisions. Once they get married (if they ever actually follow through with their hasty engagement), will Grande be lovestruck enough to allow Davidson full access to her bossed-up bank accounts? Will the future Mr. Grande blow one-fifth of her hard-earned stacks on some ice for himself? 

Putting Grande and Davidson’s recent otherworldly love fest aside, it stands to reason that the two stars, in reality, do not know each other very well. That, coupled with each party recently ending a long-term relationship of their own, makes me increasingly worried about whether there’s a prenup involved in the couple’s impending nuptials. 

Haven’t you learned ANYTHING from the Kardashians walking away from their failed marriages with the bag fully secured? I don’t care HOW in love you are, Grande … get a prenup.