PRETTYMUCH Mania: Here’s Everything You Need To Know After That Sexy AF TRL Performance

Emily Gadsby
(Photo: PRETTYMUCH / Syco Music)

PRETTYMUCH, the new boy band quintet brimming with heavily stylized looks and perfectly choreographed swagger is fresh on the music scene and poised to fill One Direction’s gilded skinny jeans.

Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Zion Kuwonu, Nick Mara, and Austin Porter were dissuaded from pursuing solo music careers and formed into a group by none other than chief boy band architect Simon Cowell. Beneath the bravado of Cowell’s aviator sunglasses and tight-fitting V-necks lies an uncanny knack for sniffing out talent and knowing when a chorus of five 20-somethings singing about love is poised to become the next big thing.

Having already established a tight-knit fanbase on social media with the release of popular covers like Charlie Puth’s “Attention,” PRETTYMUCH, poised to stand with custom sneaks on the precipice of greatness then officially signed with Syco/Colombia records.

PRETTYMUCH’s debut single “Would You Mind” has all the makings of a chart-topping mega hit, with polished pop harmonies and a boom bap R&B hook. The (boy) band went on to perform the single at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards and the 2017 MTV Music Video Awards, solidifying their ascent to superstardom. 

The group made headlines once again by performing on the same Time Square stage that once welcomed ghosts of boybands past (looking at you, Backstreet Boys) and dropped a lit AF performance during TRL’s triumphant return week. In between the high-pitched screams from fangirls desperate to run their fingers through Austin’s perfectly mussed hair, the band kicked it with hosts DC Young Fly and Eva Gutowski, showcasing their perfectly white smiles and effortless charm.

Having serious FOMO over missing their TRL debut? Be sure to watch the boys strut across the stage and sing about catching feels below.


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