PrettyMuch Released The Music Video For “Summer On You” And It’s The Perfect Ode To Their Sunny, Carefree Anthem

Emily Gadsby
PrettyMuch released the music video for Summer On You
(Photo: Getty Images)

As a self-confessed fan of the entire boy band vibe (matching outfits, coordinated dance moves, bubblegum pop harmonies), I’ve been a fan of Simon Cowell’s latest industry creation since day one. First hitting the scene with their debut single “Would You Mind,” Canadian-American boy band PrettyMuch quickly proved their worth as the next quintet to fill the chasm created by One Direction’s semipermanent hiatus that began in January 2016. 

Dropping the cheesy, manufactured Top 40 vibe for a more throwback R&B feel, PrettyMuch is both intensely familiar and wildly different from the groups that came before them. Now, checking off another box in their international megastar to-do list, members Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu have released the beachy visual to their recent summertime anthem, “Summer on You.”

PrettyMuch released the music video for “Summer on You”

With the hand snaps and lyrics alone conjuring images of carefree, bonfire beach nights, PrettyMuch undeniably amplified the power of their fair-weather anthem with the track’s corresponding music video. At first watch, the visual gives off some serious One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful” vibes, but without the cheesy running-through-the-sand montage. 

The boys of PrettyMuch are NOT scrawny teenagers. Instead, they are a group of grown-ass young men with real romantic experience under their belts, free from the purity complex that often plagues up-and-coming boy bands (looking at you, Jonas Brothers). Unashamed of pairing lyrics like “We’ll hit the coast on the late night/Make love ’til daylight” with adult summertime fun, the visual for their latest single is everything that I’d hoped it would be. 

So take a hint from the boys of PrettyMuch and ditch your s—ty nine-to-five, collect your paycheck, and head to the beach while drinking beer like it’s champagne. Issa bop!