PrettyMuch Released Their New Single “Summer On You” And It’s A Certified Bop

Emily Gadsby
PrettyMuch released their new single "Summer On You"
(Photo: Getty Images)

If you thought that PrettyMuch was going to pull an O-Town and fade away forever, think again, because they’re not going anywhere. After making waves with early singles like “10,000 Hours” and “Would You Mind,” the Los Angeles-based boy band surfaced from their descent into obscurity with the summer bop of the year, “Summer on You.” 

PrettyMuch released their new single “Summer on You”

Continuing to develop their fine-tuned ’90s style that delivers a well-balanced blend of R&B and bubblegum pop for some seriously easy listening, “Summer on You” is to 2018 as Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” was to 2013.

A far cry from the pumped-up, dance-hall-friendly jams like “Despacito” and “I’m the One” that dominated the charts in the hot summer months of 2017, “Summer on You” honors the softer side of summer. 

With lyrics like, “Oh, I know baby we ain’t got no money/All we got is love/But I know that can see us through/It might sound crazy/By why do we need sunshine?” and “When we can stay and sip warm beer/While holed up in a room/That’s how we spend my summer on you,” the single is clearly more of an ode to warm, lazy days than one to turned-up nights. 

Penned by tender-hearted British heartthrob Ed Sheeran, band members Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu switch up the lead on the track’s verses before joining together on the perfectly harmonized, synth-backed chorus. 

Unlike any other summer jam of the past few years, “Summer on You” makes me nostalgic for the carefree, sun-kissed days and cool nights when anything seemed possible and the invincibility of youth pumped freely in my veins. 

Listen to “Summer on You” for some light-hearted warm-weather vibes and let the boys of PrettyMuch serve up the newest addition to your summertime playlist: