PrettyMuch’s Hot New “10,000 Hours” Music Video Is Your Wildest Childhood Dream On Steroids

Emily Gadsby
PrettyMuch's New 10,000 Hours music video
(Photo: PrettyMuch's New 10,000 Hours music video)

Fresh off sending their millions of social media admirers into a boy band-induced coma by debuting their yet-to-be-released song “Healthy” on their nine-stop Everywhere Tour, PrettyMuch is back on the scene with a hot new visual for their track “10,000 Hours.”

Known for hyping up the ’90s in their music videos (who could forget about the feel-good throwback road trip in “Would You Mind“?), the quintet brought the retro vibe back once more by ditching the nightclubs and luxury cars for an open warehouse space. Dressed in all white, Austin, Nick, Edwin, Brandon, and Zion shoulder-bop and Milly Rock on the opening beats of the track, featuring a smooth sample of Shai’s “If I Ever Fall in Love.”

While serving up harmonized vocals and in-sync dance steps, the band sets to work on living out the IRL version of the ultimate childhood dream — splattering paint all over a massive canvas and participating in an epic color war.

Building off the carefree vibe so loved by the band and their #Beanz fan army, the boys splashed, danced and paint-squirted their way to nearly 200,000 YouTube views just one day after the video’s release. Soon after the visual dropped, PrettyMuch fans flocked to Twitter to praise the band’s latest colorful masterpiece and the debut of Edwin’s jaw-dropping new do. 

“I’m going to say it here LOUD & CLEAR, y’all are going to be BIG,” wrote one stan. “This year ‘PRETTYMUCH performs at Billboard Awards’ Next Year ‘PRETTYMUCH performs in super bowl’ got to dream BIG. The video is lit.”

Sticking to Malcom Gladwell’s popularized rule that states that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice are required to become an expert in any field, the boys of PrettyMuch are clearly well on their way to obtaining gilded superstar status.

Watch the full video for “10,000 Hours” below: 


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