PrettyMuch’s New Single Is “All About Women Empowerment” According To PrettyMuch

Emily Gadsby
PrettyMuch New Single
(Photo: @prettymuch / Instagram)

PrettyMuch, the latest conception from Simon Cowell’s boyband generator, is much more than a group of harmonizing, perfectly-manicured 20-somethings. 

The band’s tour de force single, “Would You Mind” quickly racked up nearly a million YouTube views and landed the boys a career-making performance on MTV’s coveted TRL stage. The quintet, not wanting to lose the momentum of hundreds of teenage fangirls screaming their name followed up with the release of their sophomore effort, “Teacher.” With lyrics like “You can be my teacher/You can be my boss/You can be my lover/You can be my car,” the band was quick to share with their growing fanbase exactly how they cherished the opposite sex. 

Speaking with MTV News following their ultra-hype TRL set, one fifth of PrettyMuch, Austin Porter dropped a knowledge bomb about the inspiration behind the snare-heavy hit: “The way I hear it in my head is, you’ve got this girl and you’ve kind of lost touch with your game. You don’t know how to spit game no more, but she’s teaching you how she spits game. So you get macked, basically.”

Bandmates Zion and Edwin then chimed in to further Austin’s point, eager to appeal to their female fanbase. “Nowadays, a lot of girls be wearing the pants in the relationship, so they be teaching the man sometimes,” Zion added. With his trademark grin, Edward then quipped,”Women empowerment, 100 percent!”

Teasing “Teacher’s” upcoming visual all week, the boys kept their promise and announced that the followup to the the 90s-inspired “Would You Mind” music video was primed for viewing pleasure.

PrettyMuch is rocketing toward worldwide fame, and we’re definitely ready to see what the boys do next.


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