Sabrina Carpenter Can’t Keep Quiet About “Riverdale” Star Casey Cott

Emily Gadsby
Sabrina Carpenter Casey Cott
(Photo: @sabrinacarpenter / Instagram)

With brows on fleek, a hairline that won’t quit, and a green-eyed smolder that puts even J-Biebz’ Calvin Klein ad to shame, Casey Cott is as much of a hunk as he is a talented actor. Shooting to fame as Kevin Keller on the hit series “Riverdale,” the 25-year-old has captured the hearts of millions of fangirls worldwide..

Joining the ranks of Cott’s admirers is singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter who couldn’t keep from gushing about Cott during a recent fan Q&A. Carpenter became well-acquainted with the actor’s goofy, endearing personality when he starred in the music video for her smash hit “Why” which racked up an impressive 19 million views since its July release. The electro-pop banger features Cott as Capenter’s love interest, with the two captured exploring NYC, sharing a meal, locking lips and cozying up together during the clip. 

“He’s such a good actor and I definitely wanted a great actor for the video,” said Carpenter when questioned about the making of the visual. “That was the first day I met him, was the day that we shot the video. A lot of what we did had to be very natural, and it had to feel like we were growing together in this relationship even though we’d just met that day,” the singer continued.

“He’s so incredible and so wonderful as a person that it made it so easy to film with him, and poke him in the eyes with chopsticks while we were eating Chinese food, and dance, and it was lovely. He’s amazing,” she added with a grin. 

Watch the full video for “Why!” below to see for yourself why Carpenter couldn’t help but jump at the chance to have Cott star in her much-anticipated visual: