Selena Gomez Has Finally Moved On From Justin Bieber, Proving She’s Fully Aware He’s A Human Canker Sore

Emily Gadsby
Selena Gomez has finally moved on from Justin Bieber
(Photo: Getty Images / Backgrid)

Sorry to mess up your next chapter of fan fiction, #Jelena shippers, but Selena Gomez couldn’t be happier to have washed her hands of Justin Bieber. Finally listening to her mother and the throngs of Bieber critics who warned that the “Wolves” singer’s ex-beau was bad news, Gomez revealed that letting go of the messy-haired hot mess she’d been chained to for years delivered the liberation she’d been searching for.

Selena Gomez has finally moved on from Justin Bieber

Judging from his long history of bad behavior, including public meltdowns, arrests, and even running over paparazzi with his truck, not even Bieber’s chiseled jawline and perfectly tousled hair can redeem his terrible personality. Earning a reputation in the industry as an entitled asshole who has a complicated relationship with his #Belieber fan base, Bieber has done little to redeem his past mistakes. 

Thankfully, Gomez is now finally feeling the benefits of cutting Bieber out of her life for good with no chance at a possible reconciliation. 

“She respects him as a person but has decided she is much happier doing her own thing,” said a source close to Gomez. “Selena rarely even talks about Justin anymore, and is fully open to dating. Selena is going in a different direction with her life. She’s hanging out with friends and taking it easy.”

Fresh off dealing with a major health scare and a traumatic return to the harsh scrutiny of life in the public eye, good on Gomez for putting herself first and cutting loose Bieber and all the drama that follows him. You do you, girl.