Selena Gomez And Her Mom Are Seriously Twinning In A Throwback Instagram Photo, And Fans Are Freaking Out

Emily Gadsby
Selena Gomez mom
(Photo: Craig Sjodin / Disney Channel)

While nearly anyone could pick Selena Gomez’s perfectly symmetrical face out of a lineup, the actress and award-winning pop star has a few doppelgangers that could give even the most diehard #Selenator a run for their money. A 22 year-old young woman from Mexico, Sofia Solares shares both Gomez’s trademark pout, button nose and penchant for fire Instagram selfies.

Lindos ojos con @ttd_eye

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(No, that’s not Selena, and yes, we’re serious.)

In the latest edition of People Who Look Like Selena, the “Fetish” singer’s mom, Mandy Teefey has been thrown into the mix. In a #ThrowbackThursday post to her Instagram page, the actress shared an image of her young mother (Teefey got pregnant with the star when she just 16) holding a newborn baby- and fans were quickly confused as to who was who in the pic.

Momma and I

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Fans of the “Bad Liar” pop star commented on the photo, noting the uncanny resemblance between Gomez and Teefey.

Comparisons like: “Your mom…it’s you Selena! It’s incredible, you are so beautiful!” and “You are the proper copy to your mother” quickly filled the comment section, followed by multiple fans noting their confusion as to just who was the mother in the photo. 

Social media, the lightning-fast incubator of wild conspiracy theories proved its influence once more in sparking the rumor that Gomez herself had a “secret” baby. One fan penned the comment “I had to look twice bc I thought you were the one holding the baby😭😂,” while another fan wrote,”I was about to say you better not have a child no no no you ain’t having no child yet.”

To set the record straight, no- Gomez is not pregnant- she and her mom just share some freakishly good genes.