Shannon Purser Puts Logan Paul On Blast For His “Addiction To Fame”

Emily Gadsby
Shannon Purser called out Logan Paul in a tweet
(Photo: Getty Images)

Taking a break from her top-ranking position at the #JusticeForBarb campaign, Shannon Purser called out Logan Paul in a tweet designed to highlight just how problematic the vlogger’s latest upload was. 

Paul has been fending off a tidal wave of negative press and social media criticism following his ill-advised trip to the Aokigahara forest in Japan in which he laughed and cracked jokes while standing next to the hanging body of suicide victim. In a further mark of disrespect, the 22-year-old viral star then featured the body of the recently deceased individual in both his latest vlog and the thumbnail image promoting the content. 

Proving that just Purser, just like her “Stranger Things” character is all of us, the actress joined the ranks of other top celebs in shaming Paul on social media for his extremely callous and problematic behavior. 

“Doing what you’ve done is depraved,” she tweeted. “I hope you seek serious help for your addiction to fame @LoganPaul.” 

Paul, who has up until this point been bolstered by his fanatic cult fanbase known as the #Logang is now facing the full force of widespread public criticism without the shelter of his millions of subscribers. (It must also be noted that the primary demographic of Paul’s viewers is comprised of young, pre-teen girls.)

Purser’s fans were quick to congratulate the actress for using her elevated position as a platform to raise awareness of just how damaging the desperate search for fame at the expense of others can be. 

“I love how other celebrities are using their power and influence to correct him. What he did was unacceptable, inconsiderate, and downright stupid,” commented one fan on Purser’s tweet.” You’re amazing.”

Keep fighting the good fight, Purser (AKA Barb).

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