Shawn Mendes Is Attracting Liam Payne’s Attention On Twitter With Some Seriously Sexy Beach Snaps

Emily Gadsby
Shawn Mendes is attracting Liam Payne's attention on Twitter
(Photo: WireImage / Getty Images)

With an ultra-white smile, perfectly-styled hair and abs that won’t quit, it’s no surprise that Shawn Mendes is comfortable showing some skin even when he knows there’s paparazzi around.

During a recent trip to the beach, Mendes was snapped while fighting a losing battle against a trio of waves that managed to knock the “Mercy” hitmaker flat on his oft-appreciated bottom. Soon after the hunky former Vine star wrestled the ocean in an attempt to stand upright, Mendes stans flooded social media with copies of the less-than-flattering images. Catching wind of his shirtless spam circulating within the ranks of the Mendes fan army, the Canadian singer-songwriter took to Twitter to inquire about where exactly the pictures originated from. 

“Lmao. Where are these coming from!” he tweeted, evidently nonplussed by the popularity of his caught-on-camera blunder.

Never one to miss an opportunity to serve up some headline-making social media drama, former boy-bander Liam Payne slid into the comment section to take ownership for the shots. 

“Sorry man I took them … couldn’t help myself,” wrote Payne, clearly enjoying his role as Mendes’ personal Twitter troll.

Not surprisingly, both artist’s fanbases exploded at the tongue-in-cheek social media interaction and immediately demanded a studio collaboration between the two Billboard-charting hitmakers. 

“I think: we deserve a collab,” wrote one Mendes fan account, while another user posted a picture of Ed Sheeran alongside the dictionary definition of “collaboration.”

Now that the two industry mates are Twitter BFFs, we’re sure it will just be a matter of time before their joint project reaches the top slot on the Billboard Hot 100.